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        Transportation News

        Tips on Starting a Trucking Business from Home

        One of the most important industries that contributes to the overall economy is shipping, transportation, and trucking. This industry is crucial because it is how businesses get their products to the market and into the hands of consumers. Want to get a piece of the... read more

        How the Shortage of Drivers Can Affect the Trucking Industry

        Trucking businesses are currently experiencing a huge problem that has been happening in recent years. The problem is that new drivers are hard to find. The main result of this issue is that the trucking industry is now experiencing and feeling the effects of driver... read more

        How Can the Highway Bill Increase Broker Bonds

        What is the Highway Bill all about? It was written into law on the 29th of June, 2012 by the Senate and was approved by President Obama on the 8th of July of the same year. The full name of the bill is called the Moving Ahead for Progress or MAP-21 act. MAP-21 is a... read more

        Is the Electronic Logging Device Doing Its’ Job?

        The standards specified in 395.1 of the FMCSA were created to record the duty hours of drivers in an automatic system. The most important information to be recorded is the total time that they stay on the road driving. Law officers have free access to the information... read more

        Are Work Conditions for Truckers Worsening?

        The two biggest contributors to the worsening work conditions of truck drivers are bad working conditions and low salaries. The long hours demanded of truck drivers are making most feel that their efforts are not valued. Many long-haulers are given fourteen working... read more

        How to Grow Your Business Strategically

        Business owners rely a lot on retention strategies that will allow their business to grow. Here are some user-submitted growth and retention strategies that business owners can apply to grow further. 1. Product embracement To figure out how you can remedy product... read more

        Freight Broker Opportunity Goals

        The shipping and transportation industry is among the largest in the world but is rarely thought of by the general consumer. Perhaps customers rarely wonder how vast and complex the distribution and shipping of everything they own is. Yet, companies large and small... read more

        The Hours of Service Rules Bad Effects on Brokers

        There is a popular misconception that the Hours of Service policy that went into law in the 1st of July, 2013 was only made for carriers. The thing is that this rule is being felt by the productivity of these carriers and has definitely been a cause for concern to... read more

        Will Fuel Prices Go Up or Down In 2016?

        The Energy Information Administration (“EIA”) is tasked with the duty of monitoring and studying all of the data regarding the movement of fuel prices. They are also in charge of informing the public of their findings. It wasn’t but just a few years ago that fuel... read more

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